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Realised Projects

European Tourism Destinations Portal

The competencies of EC3 made it possible to be awarded with the European Commission's order for the development of a European Tourism Portal, covering all 32 European countries.

The entire system is based on distributed content generation, which is realised by semantic web technology to follow the principle: as much as needed content should be administrated centrally, and at the same time as little as possible. Besides management of content the portal uses state-of-the-art content retrieval and information exchange technologies. The system is based on open source solutions like the Red Hat CMS and the Harmonise solution for information exchange.

The portal supports visitors with similarity based reasoning technologies in order to recommend appropriate content. Other features include a search engine, marketing support like newsletter and similar functionality.

IST-Project Harmonise

The Harmonise project, founded by the European Commission (IST 2000-29329), completed a very successful final review in summer 2003. It establishes a new service concept for actors in the tourism industry. This service allows them to exchange information with one another at the conceptual level, enabling new shared services, simplified integration and packaging of tourism products and a host of other new opportunities. The underlying technology was developed under the participation of EC3 and is now fully developed. Initial testing and validation took place in the Harmonise project, with positive results. It is a most practically oriented semantic web application with high importance for information interoperability. The technology is available as Open-Source solution.

eTEN-Project Harmo-TEN

The Harmonise project found its continuation in the project Harmo-TEN, also supported by the European Commission within the eTEN programme, under the co-ordination of EC3. This project will bring the Harmonise technology results into a major market validation and pilot process, and enable the Harmonise community to make concrete investment and deployment decisions. Project partners are key players in the tourism sector like the World Tourism Organisation (WTO), the European Travel Commission (ETC) and the International Federation for Information Technology and Travel & Tourism (IFITT).


EC3 has developed a prototype to demonstrate and test an adaptive multilingual interface, which allows retrieval of tourism-related content based on a natural language input. This prototype allows searching for accommodation on a website by formulating a "human" sentence like it would be used in direct personal communication. This sentence is analysed to get the requested content out of a database. The prototype was successfully tested online with actual site visitors on the Tiscover Portal, a partner of EC3.


UbiqVistas established a mobile video application that allows potential and actual tourists to take a look at a touristic spot of interest, including the possibility to have remote control over on-site cameras. Central technical issue is the use of video telephony in terms of enhancing personal "telepresence" such that live videos can be received and, at best, directly remote controlled from a video-capable handset, ideally connected to another such handset or remote- control online (!web!) cam. This way the outreach of a tourist is visually increased as technology offers the possibility to visually explore a remote place/site interactively while having voice, and possibly also other, means of control.

Meta (Hotel) Search

This project aimed at developing a web service based meta search engine in general and for accommodations in the tourism sector in particular. Die meta search engine was designed generically in order to allow for its application in different areas and an easy adaptation to costumer preferences. Imaginable fields of application are also domains outside tourism like, for instance, search for jobs or real estates.

eMOEL: Deepened economic cooperation through ERP integration in the electronic market

(program CoOperate Enlarged Vienna 2005, ZIT Wien)

This project aimed at developing a prototype for connecting the participants of Austrian and Central and East European B2B market places to an ERP system in terms of a comprehensive eProcurement solution.

CDPPA: Competence Driven Project Portfolio Analysis

(Translational Research Program, FWF)

This project aimed at developing and implementing a model for optimizing the intellectual resource deployment in planning of research portfolios.

EasySign: Development and Implementation of a Transnational Secure Digital Signature

(program CIRCE- Cooperation in Innovation and Research with Central and Eastern Europe, FFG)

With this project we aimed at developing a universal secure digital signature, which is finally applicable independent from software and platform in the whole European Economic Area.

UbiqVistas: Mobile Video Content for Touristic Telecommunication Applications

(program CIRCE- Cooperation in Innovation and Research with Central and Eastern Europe, FFG)

This project comprises the setting-up of a Slovak-Austrian innovation network with key partners from video telephony and tourism as well eTourism applications in the field of culture informatics. Mainly this project aimed at making available high-quality video information of touristic relevance for the region Vienna and Bratislava on an exemplary basis and in form of mobile applications for tourism.

OnTourism: Ontology Based Online Tourism Offer

(program Bridge Call 2, FFG)

In this project, we developed a future-oriented concept of information integration and information distribution in tourism. This concept allows for significantly more efficient communication process, which is also significantly improved as concerns the quality of communication, both in B2B as well as B2C. In the particular scenario of application, we optimized the management of foreign target markets of Österereich Werbung by means of advanced technologies in information management.