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EC3 - Profile

The E-Commerce Competence Center (EC3) was founded in 2000 as research and innovation center of leading companies, the University of Vienna, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration as well as Vienna University of Technology. For eight years, EC3 operated as industrial competence center (research organization) within the so-called K(ind) program funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour.

In this time frame, EC3 could deliver significant contributions for Austria to drive industrial research in information and communication technology on the European level. In the organisation form of a research association in the field of e-commerce, Viennese universities and Austrian as well as international companies operated research at top level.

With the phasing out of the K(ind) program, EC3 has restructured and newly defined itself with respect to its experiences from eight years operation as competence center. Having started as a structured center with institutional members, EC3 has now developed towards a project-based institution.

The closely with its subsidiary company EC3 Networks GmbH affiliated mode of practice with lean structure enables now to adapt quickly to the respective conditions of the market.

With its new member structure in form of natural persons with academic or commercial background clears the way for a dynamic development of EC3.