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EC3 Networks product TourismPortal consists of various combinable modules.

The diversity of this solution ranges offers the possibility to realize complex portals about countries, regions, cities or integrated micro-sites for associations and sub-regions as well as portals for tourist offer groups (group of suppliers offering the same type of product), accommodation providers and attractions.



EC3 won the Europe-wide call for tenders against about 70 competitors and was therefore assigned to develop and conceptualize the European tourism portal. The project (value approx. 2 m €) was successfully presented to the public at the conference of the EU-ministers of tourism at the Hofburg in Vienna.

Country Portal for Finnish Tourism
EC3 Networks succeeded again in a Europe-wide call for tenders and won the contract to relaunch www.visitfinland.com. The project is scheduled to be closed in summer 2009. The concept and development of the portal is accomplished in close cooperation with the Finnish tourism industry and the Finnish tourism association (MEK). NEarly the whole EC3 Networks product range is implemented into the platform.


Apart from the core parts of the portal, the content management system (CMS) and the front end web design, the EC3 Networks TourismPortal includes the following variably combinable modules:

  • Booking Module
    The integrated booking module enables direct bookings of various tourist products (e.g. hotel rooms, events, or packages) via the portal.
  • Meta Search / Meta Booking
    Meta -search offers the possibility to make use of the content of existing portals and to display the results of content search on your own portal. Hence a region could query and display the availability of a hotel on its portal via meta search, saving the need for a twofold system maintenance. One step further in the development is the so called meta booking that allows for direct bookings of the meta search results.
  • Mobile Plattform
    This module for mobile services is based on a platform, being modular itself, which may integrate text message services or functionality for video calls and even individually (remote) controllable live cams via the mobile. Furthermore the function of a 2D-Barcode-Reader can be integrated in this module and configured according to customer demands.
  • Recommendation Engine
    Based on the entered manually, accommodations, events, and sights will be recommended according to the respective tourist type.
  • Travel Planner
    The Travel Planner module provides the tourist with functionality to manage his/her whole journey. Hotel reservations, journey information as well as sights/points of interest to the tourist can be organized via the Travel Planner and be displayed on maps or calendars.
  • Community
    The Community module facilitates the exchange of experiences and the search for information and help among the community of – potential – tourists. Blogs and picture galleries can be made available to the public or only to a restricted group of the community or a group of friends.
  • Rating
    Tourists can easily rate accommodations, sights, events and so on by distributing points. Additionally, tourists can enhance their ratings by writing comprehensive comments. The average rating of each item will be displayed at its information entry.

Following services can be offered or are available with the TourismPortal:

  • Currency converter
  • Weather information (complemented with maps)
  • Newsletter
  • Feedback
  • Quick Polls
  • Map search
  • Extranet (brochures, maps, downloads, etc.)
  • The system is open for a multitude of additional services on request.