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Tourism Intelligence Suite

Through sophisticated IT systems it is easy to gather enormous amounts of significant data. The challenge is, however, to have access to the collection of relevant information at the touch of a button without having to comb through various sources and search engines (knowledge basis). With the Tourism Intelligence Suite, EC3 Neworks offers exactly this possibility.



Österreich Werbung
Development and adaptation of requirements for a call center that allows for finding information quickly and comprehensively from various sources


Within the scope of a funded research project, EC3 as established a comprehensive tool for a structured and publishable presentation of date from various information sources. EC3 Networks developed these research findings into a marketable commodity.

The resulting Tourism Intelligence Suite comprises four modules:

  • Module: Automatic document generation
    This module is has standalone functionality. According to given criteria, publishable documents for a particular query are generated from various (internal and external) sources. Such documents may be generated in several formats (e.g., .pdf, .html).
  • Module: Tagging
    The tagging module builds the foundation for a structured search for and in newly generated documents. With an easy extension of the respective content management system (CMS), these documents can be tagged with key words. This enables to search for commonly used terms; particular wording is not prescribed.
  • Module: Tagging & Bookmarking
    In this module, the tagging functionality is enhanced. As commonly used in web browsers, users can bookmark the searched and generated documents and, thus, easily find and access the required documents at a later point in time.li>
  • Module: Complete Package
    In order to tap the full functionality of the Tourism Intelligence Suite, the before-mentioned modules are extended by an ontology that enables an independent linkage of entries in the knowledge basis. Through reasoning, the system recognizes topical coherences of documents and entries, which allows presenting these conjointly.