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EC3 Networks

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2004: Foundation of EC3 Networks GmbH as a spin-off of the E-Commerce Competence Center (EC3) – the innovation center of leading companies, the University of Vienna, the Vienna University of Economics, and the Vienna University of Technology.

2005: The first small commercial projects require increasing the personnel. The area usability testing and engineering is reestablished in the company. The results are projects for Swarovski Crystal Online, Tiscover AG ,and apc interactive.

2006: Concurrently with the change of management, the project management staff is increased. In addition to the field usability, prototypes from the E-Commerce Competence Center (EC3) are – for the first time – further processed by EC3 Networks GmbH, supported by public funding.

2007: EiA new change of the General Manager: Michael Tremmel, a longtime employee, is entrusted with the management of EC3 Networks GmbH and the E-Commerce Competence Center (EC3). In a public tender at European level for the redevelopment of the Finnish Tourism Portal, EC3 Networks could set the so far biggest milestone in its history. With this project EC3 Networks GmbH reaches a decisive company size.

2008: EC3 Networks and E-Commerce Competence Center (EC3) move from its former location, the Techgate Vienna, to the first district of Vienna. A strategic reorientation of the company starts: a strong focus on a clearly defined product and service portfolio characterizes the company's future. The balance sheet of 2008 brings a significant sales increase, amounting to a total of almost one million Euros; it is the first time in the four-year history that an annual surplus is generated.

2009: EC3 Networks has significantly achieved an ongoing growth strategy. Personnel will be increased and sales activities further intensified. In the summer of 2009 the biggest milestone in the company's history has been set with the completion of the Finnish Tourism Portal. Within 2 years the company's turnover has increased six-fold and reached a magnitude of nearly 2 millon euros.

 2012: EC3 Networks has launched two innovative services: The data hub for the Austrian Broadcast Company (ORF) and the automatic market monitoring for Ă–tztal Tourism.